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Rei – Holy Spirit, mystery, gift, nature Spirit, invisible Spirit
Ki – Energy, nature scene, talent, feeling

Reiki Hub Dunedin

We meet every Tuesday at 6pm ~ 8:30pm
Craigie House, 22 Manse Street, Room 9

Starting with a guided meditation,
we then share the Reiki Energy to keep us all healthy on our journeys.

$10 each appreciated to cover costs


Jacqueline Joy -
Otago Representative for Reiki New Zealand

My Services offer:

Reiki Ceritification

for: Reiki One, Two, Three and Teachers

The way I enjoy working with Reiki is meeting with a person who is feeling the need to learn Reiki.

During training sessions, there is an exchange of knowledge, wisdom and the person’s Soul, Body and Mind are responding to this energy.  When the Soul responds it is time for a growth for the trainee, so they can then become more of a channel for the Reiki to flow through.

Courses on Reiki One, Two, Three/Master, and Teachers

Each of these courses includes your own personal manual.

Reiki is transmitted through symbols to the trainee - this includes Attunement and Certification.

After completing Reiki One, we can move on to Reiki Two, followed by Reiki Three/Masters, and finally Reiki Teachers.

I offer two options:

Hourly / Weekly Sessions:

Sessions are for an hour each once a week one-on-one over 10 weeks.  The last session includes attunement and certification.

One-Day Workshops:

A one-day work shop runs for approx. 5 hours.  It is important to stay in touch with your teacher after these workshops.

Reiki for Children

Children really enjoy learning Reiki One. Click here to see the Reiki for Children page.


Know yourself

Align with your true essence and resolve life issues
and your life will change


About Reiki

ShivaReiki is said to have come to earth with Shiva, the Indian God/Goddess, when Earth was created.

Reiki is a part of all living beings. Children of that time received Reiki as part of their schooling. The people of Mu began to colonise in India and Tibet, taking Reiki with them.

However, changes within the Earth caused the devastation of Mu and Atlantis. This meant that the number of people enlightened with the Reiki healing method was considerably lessened and eventually lost for many, many years.

The Reiki energy was lost until a Japanese man named Mikao Usui re-discovered Reiki in the 1800’s.

Mikao UsuiMikao Usui was interested in how Jesus and Budda were able to heal, and the methods which they used. This took Usui on a journey.  

Christian authorities in Japan informed him that these healing methods were not discussed.  Usui then looked to Buddhism, and this is where he found some information.  He was told that the ancient methods of healing had been lost and in order to approach them he must continue with the teachings of Buddhism, the path of enlightenment. He found an incredible likeness in the life of Budda and the life of Jesus. Usui learned to read Sanskrit and found information which he could now translate in the texts of a Zen Buddhist monastery. They described the healing formulae, but did not describe the ways in which to activate the energy and make it work.

Usui took twenty one days of meditation, prayer and fasting on the mountain of Koriyama in Japan. He took 21 stones and at the end of each day he would throw one aside.  On the final morning Usui saw a light coming toward him. He saw ‘millions and millions of rainbow bubbles’ and eventually the Reiki symbols. Each of the symbols represented and meant something different – to which he was given the knowledge so that each one could be activated. He called the energy:
‘REIKI’ which means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’

Usui descended down the mountain.  As he did so he experienced what is known as the ‘4 miracles’.  Usui stubbed his toe whilst walking and instinctively put his hands on it.  His hands became hot and his toe was healed.  He attended a house at the bottom of the mountain which served pilgrims. He ate a full meal, which is not advised after fasting for 21 days, but he was fine. The woman who served him complained of toothache, he held her face and she was healed. When Usui returned to the monastery, the chief monk was in bed suffering from arthritis – Usui channelled Reiki and the monk was healed.  He continued working with Reiki and lectured on this natural method, bringing the awareness of Reiki to others.

Hayashi, Usui, Takata On his travels he met a man called Chujiro Hayashi. Hayashi received his Masters training and became Usui’s successor. Hayashi then carried on teaching Reiki to others. He opened a clinic and it was here where Hawayo Takata first received Reiki healing and then chose to learn Reiki. Takata is the person responsible for bringing Reiki to the west.


Reiki Crystals

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit


An Example of Reiki's Benefits

Reiki Benefits

"My name is William and I represent MesotheliomaSymptoms.com, I’d like to offer our resource to express the value Reiki has during the treatment of this disease. Our site provides detailed information on Mesothelioma and the ways energy therapy treatments can improve the lives of patients. Proof of Reiki's ability to relieve Mesothelioma symptoms is now emerging. Patients suffering from Mesothelioma have seen an improved quality of life, renewal of energy and decreased discomfort levels thanks to this practice."

Click here for more information on this example of benefits of Reiki.


My Experience of Reiki

As soon as I signed up to Reiki and I was having a session of Reiki offered by another, I had a vision of a Master meditating and Levitating in front of me.  There were bubbles of a beautiful blue-teal colour going around him and into his third eye. He was Asian with a beautiful white tunic and his skin was white.

This happening took my breath away and my Reiki journey has shown me many blessings and miracles.

The Reiki energy has also helped me through my issues and thus been able to support and start others on their magical journey with Reiki energy.

I love being in and Running Reiki as it can be felt by the person receiving Reiki and myself while offering it.  There is a warm energy flowing from the universe through my body and out of my hands to the recipient.

I have found that a bond is formed between the people running and receiving Reiki.  This had led to a path of looking deep within and getting to know oneself.

The journey of Trust, Faith and Love with Reiki flowing through one has proved many times that our issues can be released.  Once issues are released, we become wise and are able to then support others on their journey of perception to enlightenment.

For me, Meditation has proved a way of being able to see the vision of a Master / Guide before I started Reiki.


Reiki Healing


I am honoured to be a member of Reiki New Zealand

Reiki New Zealand

Jacqueline Joy ~ www.joy4peace.com