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During my travels, I have been on some personal pilgrimages. Follow my journeys below ...

Mt Kurama, Japan, November 2017

Findhorn, Scotland, August 2014

Mt Kurama, Japan, November 2017

Experiencing the Experience 2017

Who are we to stop, the experience that can open us up to who we are and therefore allow miracles to merge into and around our humanness via the magical universal energy.

Mt Kurama

I now understand this statement as I sit before my computer in Wellington (another experience I stepped into). All I know is, there has been a space in time offered, where all my bodily needs are met so I can finally share my experience via the written word.  Om energy is filling the room via a music CD by Steven Halpern.


Meditation is a key into many spaces of the unknown.  Knowing this wisdom from within, I was once again in the Reiki Hub Dunedin’s sacred space, lying down and listening to the chanting of the reiki symbols. The vibrational waves from the chants took over all my senses as I slipped into all the spaces in between.

In this meditation on that particular night, there came a geometrical symbol into that meditation space and while being and becoming this symbol, a part of it came away and went out into the universe.  Naturally the WOW factor happened inside of me and then it was forgotten by the time Reiki Hub healing, sharing session had finished.

The next lot of amazing energy filtered through my whole being a few days later as I was driving into town.  My being took note of this experience. Then promptly remembered the Reiki meditation and what had happened a few days before.  Something was happening that was totally different in and around me. The brain tries hard with different stories to work it out and then the ego thinks it knows what is happening, but as usual hindsight does the awakening.

Reiki symbols are said three times and in this particular experience the third WOW MIRACLE factor happened again, as I was invited to Japan unexpectedly.  I stood in shock when asked but knew Saying YES to go and visit Japan was a feeling. Not a need(as I thought then).  I then asked a few hours later, "Will we be anywhere Mr Kurama?"  Onto google we went and worked out a way to go and experience Mt Kurama, within the visit.  The 'WE' being my husband and myself.


A miracle in the making was manifesting for sure.  Much gratitude to the universe was happening from within while travelling out to Mt Kurama and letting all 'that is', know and intertwine with the whole experience.

Hotel room number


The room number where we were staying was a lovely sign that this was indeed a spiritual journey.

We arrived at Mt Kurama to this huge statue.

Tengu at Mt Kurama

The protector of Mt Kurama

Feelings of amazingness filled the human body as we trekked up Mt Kurama. Stopping at different places to perform small rituals with water, to honour where we were.

Dragons at Mt Kurama

Dragons watched over the sacredness of the rituals.

The mountain climb needed one to have agility and strength to walk up the many steps.  But So many delights for the senses engulfed ones spirit.

Mt Kurama Mt Kurama

For example, the power place that was in front of a huge Temple

Mt Kurama Power

To be able to look out from Mt Kurama and see the beauty all around.

Mt Kurama

Mt Kurama is known for its beauty in Aturmn.

To be able to finish of this amazing visit to Mt Kurama, in the warmth of her hot springs for the body to soak and be cradled in, was pure delight.

Mt Kurama Onsen

We will return, as the miracle never ends
Arigatou gozaimasu

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Here are 2 short videos of my experience on Mt Kurama:
Cleansing Ritual
A Sacred Space